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Why Empathy, Why Now?

The Business of Empathy

  • Nov 10, 2020
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 5 min
  • Airs one-time
  • Episode # 1
Episode #1 Overview

Despite what may be commonly understood, empathy is not about being nice or sympathetic. When we move past these misconceptions and start to understand empathy accurately and how to practice it, we can become more engaged, more connected, more passionate about our work.

In the first episode of the Business of Empathy series, Michael details the different types of empathy -- affective, somatic, and cognitive -- and how to put each to work in your personal and professional lives.

Tune in and learn:
- How to practice self-aware perspective taking to avoid your own bias and gain deeper understanding
- How empathy can lead to decisions that are more understandable and inclusive
- Why empathy is a bridge building tool and not a silver bullet

The Business of Empathy Overview

The Business of Empathy a series that was produced in partnership with Facebook. The series explores how we can practice empathy for ourselves, for others, and based on what is happening in the world around us and why this is key for business. The insights shared from leaders at Salesforce, Pfizer, Getty Images, PepsiCo, Microsoft, and more, will serve as a framework to help us understand each other more meaningfully and highlight the opportunities we have to use empathy as a vehicle for innovation, education, and connection.

Michael Ventura


Michael Ventura

Author, Applied Empathy

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