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How Intercom is Revolutionizing Communication Through Conversational Support


  • Oct 27, 2020
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 45 min
  • Airs weekly
  • Episode # 10
Episode #10 Overview

A show about brands and leaders and the moments that define them.

Since 2011, Intercom has garnered more than 600 employees, 30,000 customers, and crossed the $150 million revenue threshold. On the tenth episode of Breakthrough, Toby sits down with the company’s SVP of Marketing, Shane Murphy-Reuter, for a deep dive into the company’s growth, the evolution of conversational experiences, and how we can keep humanity and empathy at the core of emerging technologies.

Breakthrough Overview

Breakthrough with Toby Daniels, Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week, will broadcast live every Tuesday to spotlight breakthrough brands, products and services, the leaders behind them and the stories of creativity, innovation and application that led up to these moments.

Toby Daniels


Toby Daniels

Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week

Shane Murphy-Reuter


Shane Murphy-Reuter

SVP Marketing, Intercom

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