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Casing Methodology for Smarter Marketing Ideas

The Marketer’s MBA

  • Oct 29, 2020
  • 1:30 pm ET
  • 40 min
  • Airs bi-weekly
  • Episode # 1
Episode #1 Overview

In the debut episode of The Marketer’s MBA, Evan introduces you to Casing Methodology, a powerful ideation technique that is pervasive in top business schools and that empowers you to make superbly diagnostic and confident marketing ideas and solutions. After lecture, Evan is joined by Dan Stay, Principal at Allstay Group and former Senior Manager at EY and top consulting firms, for a fun discussion proving the methodology’s success in the rigorous world of management consulting.

The Marketer’s MBA Overview

There are a variety of ways to level up in business, but one of the most proven and exclusive is to earn an MBA from a prestigious business school. The Marketer's MBA with Evan Weiner, a USC Marshall MBA and Head of Social Marketing for GoDaddy's burgeoning Partners business, will grant you exclusive access to MBA curriculum that will ground your marketing ideas in advanced practicum and help launch you to the upper echelons of management. Each episode of the 6-part series is one part Lecture and one part ‘Office Hours’, a colorful guest segment with executives and business professors.

Evan Weiner


Evan Weiner

Global Head of Social Marketing, Pro & Acquisitions, GoDaddy

Dan Stay


Dan Stay

Managing Partner, Allstay Group

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