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How Postmates is Leading the Food Delivery Space Through Human-First Marketing and Cultural Moments


  • Oct 13, 2020
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 35 min
  • Airs weekly
  • Episode # 8
Episode #8 Overview

In highly competitive spaces having a challenger brand mentality can be the differentiator between cutting through the noise or falling on deaf ears. On the eighth episode of Breakthrough Postmates’ SVP of Marketing and Communications, Eric Edge, joins Toby and breaks down the brand’s 2020 journey and its support of small businesses during the pandemic, how to use data and emerging formats the right way as storytellers, why human-first marketing allows Postmates to be a leader at the intersection of pop culture and technology, and more.

Breakthrough Overview

Breakthrough with Toby Daniels, Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week, will broadcast live every Tuesday to spotlight breakthrough brands, products and services, the leaders behind them and the stories of creativity, innovation and application that led up to these moments.

Toby Daniels


Toby Daniels

Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week

Eric Edge


Eric Edge

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Postmates

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