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Overcoming Sunk Cost Fallacy and Data Biases

The Marketer’s MBA

  • Nov 19, 2020
  • 3:00 pm ET
  • 60 min
  • Airs bi-weekly
  • Episode # 2
Episode #2 Overview

In the second episode of The Marketer’s MBA, Evan digs into your psyche so you can “check yourself before you wreck yourself” when developing your marketing ideas and initiatives. We explore the published business theories of Halo Effect, Sunk Cost Fallacy, Escalating Commitment, and Cognitive Biases to discover our innate tendencies to miscalculate success and over-commit to ideas that are destined to misfire. During office hours, Evan is joined by Professor Michael Mische, senior faculty at USC’s Marshall School of Business and former Principal at KPMG, for a fun discussion packed full of wisdom and behavioral takeaways you can incorporate into your routine immediately.

Tune in to:
- Learn the timeless theories of Halo Effect, Sunk Cost Fallacy, Escalating Commitment, and Cognitive Biases
- Understand how and why you may embrace marketing initiatives that have low potential for success, and when to pivot
- Better judge performance of marketing campaigns you wish to emulate in your own work
- Glean insight from a senior business school professor who has led curriculum on these topics for decades

The Marketer’s MBA Overview

There are a variety of ways to level up in business, but one of the most proven and exclusive is to earn an MBA from a prestigious business school. The Marketer's MBA with Evan Weiner, a USC Marshall MBA and Head of Social Marketing for GoDaddy's burgeoning Partners business, will grant you exclusive access to MBA curriculum that will ground your marketing ideas in advanced practicum and help launch you to the upper echelons of management. Each episode of the 6-part series is one part Lecture and one part ‘Office Hours’, a colorful guest segment with executives and business professors.

Evan Weiner


Evan Weiner

Global Head of Social Marketing, Pro & Acquisitions, GoDaddy

Michael Mische


Michael Mische

Senior Faculty, USC’s Marshall School of Business

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