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McDonald’s x Travis Scott

The Comments Section

  • Sep 16, 2020
  • 3:00 pm ET
  • 30 min
  • Airs weekly
  • Episode #4
Episode #4 Overview

In this week's episode the “spark” igniting the conversation is the new Travis Scott’s collaboration with McDonalds currently taking the world by storm. Should other celebrities be following suit? What tactics from partnerships like this should brands be noting? Tune in and learn: - How to reach your consumers in an ever-crowded landscape of conversation by taking small bets - How to use the strategy of juxtaposition to find new spaces to initiate conversation - How to identify the key goals of your brand collaborations and stick to them

The Comments Section Overview

The scariest place on the internet…dive in. Join us every week for a moment of troll. It’s not your moment of zen, although it may have a zen-like quality. Grey Group's Kenny Gold, Asad Shaykh, and Amanda Davis, formerly of Vice, join together to bring their unique, unfiltered commentary of what’s trending on the internet each and every week. Each week, one of the panelists will introduce a trend, piece of content or moment to trigger the conversation. Then the panelists will jump into comments section, reading some of their favorite responses and also adding their own commentary and flavor. By joining the comments section, they give marketers and social media enthusiasts alike the chance to see what’s really going on outside of the advertising bubble, in the hopes that marketers craft content that will actually work.

Neil Davidson


Neil Davidson

CEO, HeyLab

Amanda  Davis


Amanda Davis

Associate Director of Gaming, Grey Group

Asad Shaykh


Asad Shaykh

Digital Strategy Director, Grey London

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