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ISO a Modern Content Canvas

Media Genius

  • Oct 29, 2020
  • 3:00 pm ET
  • 50 min
  • Airs bi-weekly
  • Episode # 4
Episode #4 Overview

Has anything in media really been “pandemic proof”?

It’s no surprise to anyone that in 2020 we’ve seen SERIOUS change in how people consume media. Whether that’s because of our 24/7 connection to news, skyrocketing time spent on social media, streaming services addiction, moves to the metaverse, the gaming boom, or new audiences flooding previously-unknown-to-them-platforms. These trends aren’t necessarily new – but they are aggressively accelerated. And their implications are only just starting to be felt.

In this episode of Media Genius, join host Randa Stephan for a look at how these changing media behaviors are fueling a Modern Content Canvas that marketers must navigate – and activate – to connect with diverse stakeholders. Special guest Erin Joyce, Creative Strategy Lead for the Americas at Twitch, will share a hot take on how the platform has become a truly unique and increasingly critical part of the modern content canvas, opening up new opportunities for marketers.

In our final installment of Media Genius you’ll learn:
- How changing media consumption has made the Modern Content Canvas more dynamic than ever
- How brands are experimenting with emerging formats to break through and create value in 2020
- How a gaming strategy could be a critical part of your marketing mix

Media Genius Overview

Media Genius is a four-episode event focused on deconstructing the disruptive forces shaping technology, media and culture. Hosted by Randa Stephan, Head of Brand at Weber Shandwick, the show presents a macro framework of key themes – brought to life by real-world examples and expert guests – to help leaders make sense of daily cultural signals, adapt to survive media disruption and navigate what’s next.

Randa Stephan


Randa Stephan

Head of Brand, Weber Shandwick

Erin Joyce


Erin Joyce

Creative Strategy Lead, Americas, Twitch

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