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Empathy, Innovation and Pharma with Cal Austin

The Business of Empathy

  • Nov 19, 2020
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 5 min
  • Airs one-time
  • Episode # 7
Episode #7 Overview

Cal Austin has been working in innovation at Pfizer for over 5 years. In his current position as Director of the Idea Spring Lab, he helps coach teams to think and work in a human-centered way. From challenging mapping to empathy interviews and prototyping for user feedback, they look to formulate recommendations for senior leadership that bring together voices from all parts of the business.

In the seventh episode of the Business of Empathy, Cal explores how he and his team overcome the restrictions in Pharma to allow innovation to occur and how he thinks about empathy in the context of design innovation from a patient-first perspective?

Tune in and learn:
- How to foster empathy by building diverse project groups
- How to identify when your own team may be a hamper to innovation and ways to overcome this
- How to achieve patient or human-first design innovation by bypassing an agency or an insights organization and the benefits and hurdles of this approach

The Business of Empathy Overview

The Business of Empathy a series that was produced in partnership with Facebook. The series explores how we can practice empathy for ourselves, for others, and based on what is happening in the world around us and why this is key for business. The insights shared from leaders at Salesforce, Pfizer, Getty Images, PepsiCo, Microsoft, and more, will serve as a framework to help us understand each other more meaningfully and highlight the opportunities we have to use empathy as a vehicle for innovation, education, and connection.

Michael Ventura


Michael Ventura

Author, Applied Empathy

Cal Austin


Cal Austin

Director, Idea Sprint Lab, Pfizer

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