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Empathic Leadership with Karuna Rawal

The Business of Empathy

  • Dec 2, 2020
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 5 min
  • Airs one-time
  • Episode # 10
Episode #10 Overview

Karuna Rawal started her career at P&G where developing leaders was central to the company’s culture. Several years later, she now leads startup Nature’s Fynd, a Chicago-based food tech company creating versatile alternative proteins to feed the world’s growing population while nurturing the planet.

During the episode she shared her experiences and insights that have shaped her style of leadership today including how she empowers her team to do the self work needed to become empathetic.

Tune in and learn:
- Practical steps for understand what motivates your team and how to use this information to help you become an adaptable leader
- How to establish ongoing feedback cycles that create a sense of transparency and respect within an organization
- How working on your own empathic abilities can help your teammates feel more comfortable and open to practicing and developing their own

The Business of Empathy Overview

The Business of Empathy a series that was produced in partnership with Facebook. The series explores how we can practice empathy for ourselves, for others, and based on what is happening in the world around us and why this is key for business. The insights shared from leaders at Salesforce, Pfizer, Getty Images, PepsiCo, Microsoft, and more, will serve as a framework to help us understand each other more meaningfully and highlight the opportunities we have to use empathy as a vehicle for innovation, education, and connection.

Michael Ventura


Michael Ventura

Author, Applied Empathy

Karuna Rawal


Karuna Rawal

CMO, Nature's Find

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