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Creativity in Advertising

You’re Probably Wrong

  • Feb 3, 2021
  • 12:00 pm ET
  • 40 min
  • Airs bi-weekly
  • Episode # 6
Episode #6 Overview

There are a lot of common misconceptions and myths about creativity. How do we define creativity and what is it to be creative? Many believe that it is something that we are born with and that we cannot consciously control it. The black box of creativity in advertising is sacred, it cannot and should not be explained, especially not with science.

However, research in recent years has disproven this. It turns out that with proper training, anyone can deliver creative and innovative new ideas. It isn’t as divine as some would like to believe.

By questioning the very make up of creativity and what it is to be creative, we can better harness creativity for success. It can even empower us to be more creative, not less.

Join Neil Davidson and Aoife McGuinness of HeyLab (, and this week’s special guest Carl Jones, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster as they tackle these topics and provide actionable steps to harnessing creativity for success.

Tune in and learn:
- The most common myths surrounding creativity and improving creativity in advertising
- The neuroscience behind creativity in advertising
- How can we alter our environment/process to produce more creative ideas
- The power of the big idea vs nudges
- How better diversity and representation in advertising would lead to more effective creative
- The future of creativity in advertising

You’re Probably Wrong Overview

We live our lives assuming understanding of people and our world. The same is true for marketing. But most of these assumptions are probably wrong, and marketing science and expertise explains why. This series challenges our existing knowledge and considers the implications and opportunities of realising that it’s probably wrong.

Neil Davidson


Neil Davidson

CEO, HeyLab

Aoife McGuinness


Aoife McGuinness

Neuroscience Consultant, HeyLab

Carl  Jones


Carl Jones

Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

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